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Alaska, Church of Latter-Day Saints, Autism, Bi-polar disorder, Fairbanks, Lawyer, Memoir, Personal letters

Denali's Fortunate Son
A Bipolar Journey
by Kenneth Lougee

Most professionals believe a Bipolar I diagnosis precludes the stress of a litigation lawyer. Set in the "Golden Heart" of Fairbanks, Alaska, the book is one of faith, hope, adventure and perseverance against the daunting challenges of mental illness. In this book, Kenneth Lougee negotiates the conflicts between his Bipolar I diagnosis, his son's autism, and his adventures practicing law on the Last Frontier. As his disorder progresses, Lougee raises four small children, meets colorful Alaskans, travels to the backwoods of the state, wins multimillion dollar cases and grows prize winning giant cabbages. The book is shows the determination that mental illness does not define a person. This memoir is a guide to younger lawyers who may suffer depression or other mental illnesses. Not only can they anticipate a professional life, they can if willing, have successful marriages, raise responsible children and gain the respect of the community. Additionally the book gives hope to parents of autistic children that even if one parent suffers mental illness, together parents can surmount the difficulties of raising that child. Alaskans call the mountain Denali meaning "the Great One." A grateful author is indeed "Denali's Fortunate Son."

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Kenneth Lougee lives in Sandy Utah with his wife, Jan, his autistic son, John Kenneth and their West Highland White Terrier, Oliver. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law and earned a master's degree in history from the University of Utah. Lougee suffers from Bipolar I disorder with numerous hospitalizations. Nevertheless, he is a trial lawyer admitted to the Alaska and Utah Bar Associations where he is a member of the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee. He is the author of "Pie in the Sky: how Joe Hill's Lawyers Lost His Case, Got Him Shot and were Disbarred" concerning the case of the famed labor songwriter executed in Utah. Lougee practices law with Siegfried and Jensen in Salt Lake City Utah.


Kenneth Lougee

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