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love, nature, poetry, God, inspirational, essays, and sensuality

Life Of The Mind
by Cashma Ashmeade

I invite you into my world of living poetry. The first time my pencil spoke on paper was in 1987, and over a lifespan of thirty years, my poems have progressed. They come from deep within my life experiences and the challenges of life itself, encompassing the themes of the true purity of love, passion, charity, loyalty, and commitment and truth to oneself. I seek to translate the deep meanings of these poems and the accompanying essays. But through you, the readers, we will all develop a better understanding of the “life of the mind” as my writing provokes your own thoughts of morality, sexuality, forgiveness, and liberation. I want to thank all my families, friends, and acquaintances who over the years encouraged me to publish my book of poems. I hope you truly enjoy them.

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“The ripples of time will not remember what you have done. You will be remembered by those to whom we have done in-kind; you will be remembered for what you have not done by those who wish you unkind, but you will be remembered."

I remember the last words my grandmother said to me before she died: "Who are we in this world?" I had travelled eight thousand miles to see her for the last time. I still do not fully understand what she was saying to me, but I’m trying. I was born in Jamaica, the third of eight children, and all I remember from my childhood is my grandmother, whom we called Miss Kitty. Her real name was Catherine Morgan. I have no memory of ever seeing my mother’s face, as she left us and moved to Canada when I was only a toddler. I don’t believe that I found favour in my father’s eyes, so my grandmother was very important to me. I love her with all the love that I have; I owe her my life. I never left my grandmother's side. At nights I would bury my head into her back, because I was afraid of ghosts and that my father might come and snatch me away in the middle of the night.

I moved to Canada as a child and have lived in Alberta most of my life. I love my country—it has been a sanctuary for me and my first real home.


Cashma Ashmeade

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