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Generation C
The Confluence Marketing at the Era of Connected Consumers
by Raymond Morin

Since the 2008 recession, people's confidence in institutions has been in decline. We’re now far more interested in the recommendations of our peers than in traditional forms of advertising and marketing. With our daily use of the Internet and social media, we as consumers influence our communities and play active roles in the global economy. We are Generation C: a demographic that contains every computer user and online shopper on the planet—and it’s changing the way institutions, brands and enterprises should do business and marketing.

This book explores the behaviours of the generations of connected consumers that make up Generation C to help you better understand your audience and how to target them effectively in the new consumer landscape. Presented in four instalments and available online, this new professional guide details and comments on recent expert market analyses with exclusive computer graphics and interviews.

Raymond Morin has worked in online marketing since the Internet was born over 20 years ago. In that time he has accompanied entrepreneurs and organizations in their many evolutions towards social and digital transformation, and participated in the emergence of the first online community and commercial portals. An author and blogger from Montreal, Quebec, he has published three professional books on the subject of the digital revolution, and co-authored three more. Generation C is the sum of the experience, knowledge and skills he has acquired in his lengthy career, and is his first book in English.


Raymond Morin
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