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Non-fiction, Lucifer, Angels, Christian mythology, Love, Love stories, Inspiration

A Journey to Planet Earth
Short love stories and messages from Lucifer by Nika Jones

Reading this novel the spirit of Lucifer will take us back to the times when humanity fell in obscurity. Love never forgot or failed us, it followed us even in darkness. This story helps us to understand the magic of life and helps to pull ourself out from our own ignorance.

Nika Jones is a Canadian citizen born in Romania. My enthusiasm for writing started long time ago in my childhood. I have many books handwritten and hundreds of essays and now I wish to share them with the world.

During my lifetime I changed many times my profession to help financially my family. As an immigrant I had to start new jobs in new fields all the time. I worked in programming/computer field; I switched to insurance field and property management field. I am an intuitive healer and during my life I practiced Yoga and learned Astrology and Numerology.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all persons from Friesenpress who helped me to publish this book and to make my dream come true.


Nika Jones

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