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Sexual abuse, Christian counselling, Spiritual manifestations, The Devil, Demonic influence, Divine gifts, The Church

The Unveiling
A Tale of the Indivisibly Unsurpassed Dichotomy of a Heroine's Journey to Freedom in an Urban Christian Family by Michal Storey and Anton Josef

This is a story of one person's resolve not to have been the victim, but to have risen above the tirade of evil. Its intrigue is bound by the reality of the ostensibly permeating lengths that one individual can go to cover their tracks. The schemer is that corrupted and narcissistic entity who, through bizarre plotting and activity, attempts to make the deviant renowned. The characterization of such a personage becomes inadvertently incumbent upon this author. The villain could be a society that stands passively by as though in a narcotic stupor which needs to be awakened. Silent, dependent and unwittingly cooperative, they wait as a scapegoat is marked for incrimination and destruction. The theme of redemption is classic in its description as God intervenes while two parallels, step by step and side by side, attempt to compose their craft within someone over the better part of that person’s life. This is The Unveiling.

Warning: Graphic Descriptions

Michal Storey – Writer – Exploring the asymptotic realities of private existence brings an interesting object lesson to light. She may prefer listening to musical arias and playing in a band, and even as a fabric artist, but words remain her real art. An associate once titled her, “The queen of analogy.” She has married and continues to enjoy family interactions.

Anton Josef – Counseling Advocate – Holds a doctorate in Christian counseling with a designation in Western Canada. Due to the formulation of this case in point, he has chosen to remain anonymous by using a pen name. Writing is a part of his life’s work, having published his first book in the United States. His musical interest has no acclaim other than that which one listening fan reiterated, “He hears the music from heaven and plays.”


Michal Storey
Anton Josef

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