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  • Light Ascends

    The Conclusion to The Testimonial and Darkness Descends by

    A Third World War looms on the Horizon. A dangerous child has been born with massive potential for the future of the world. The conflict against Israel is escalating, with almost all nations uniting against them. The Satanists are preparing to ...

  • The Country of the Blind


    When law student Sarah Yung is raped, she accuses Paul, long-time friend and fellow student, of the assault. Paul is escorted off campus and is barred from returning while his case is investigated. Protesting his innocence, Paul reaches out to ...

  • Rescuing Leah


    Nothing could prepare Josh for the 24 hour long nightmare that unfolded his life. A young couple’s love is put to the ultimate test when the woman, Leah, is kidnapped by a local drug cartel in retaliation for Leah’s father, a judge, putting the ...

  • The Secret of Half Moon Bay


    Charlie McCabe and his best friend Lonnie Horowitz had often talked about scuba diving. Now with enough money in their accounts to cover more than expenses, the decision was made. After graduating from their course, the two young men meet an ...

  • Mission of the Unsung Hero


    Life was boring and predictable until the day the angel showed up. Erica James believed in angels, but she’d never met one personally. An unhappy, quiet, Christian housewife who never said no to anyone, she was shocked by the extraordinary encounter ...

  • The Soul Doctrine


    Joe Thomas wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Baptist pastor, but finds minefields in controlling his fleshly passions and struggles to follow the path into spiritual maturity. Follow Joe’s journey through high school, learning to be a ...

  • If you love this world


    Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you... 1 John 2:15 - 17, NLT Detective Keith Kendelhart faces the first homicide case of his career in a small Ontario town ...

  • The Unveiling

    A Tale of the Indivisibly Unsurpassed Dichotomy of a Heroine's Journey to Freedom in an Urban Christian Family by

    This is a story of one person's resolve not to have been the victim, but to have risen above the tirade of evil. Its intrigue is bound by the reality of the ostensibly permeating lengths that one individual can go to cover their tracks. The schemer ...

  • Anya Unbound


    While enjoying her new-found independence from the Polish orphanage in which she grew up, seventeen-year-old Anya is unwittingly sucked into the illicit world of sex trafficking when an acquaintance promises to help her get to America. Instead of ...