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Confessions of a Lover
For Better or Worse by Al Morris

Life imposes many challenges upon us, some with happy endings, and others with unhappy ones. Confessions of a Lover plumbs the depths of those challenges and shows—time and time again—the importance of steadfastness in the face of adversity. This engaging collection of stories epitomizes the phrase, “in sickness or in health, for better or worse.”

Joyful, poignant, and heartbreaking all at once, Confessions of a Lover provides the reader with an intimate portrait of the author’s life, emphasizing the value of advocacy and perseverance, particularly when dealing with the medical and legal systems.

A lifetime of guidance by intuition and the innate intelligence to question events and interactions with others provide a unique framework for this memoir. Confessions of a Lover’s wide-ranging stories describe many of the lessons we learn in life, and examine the experiences that mould our character, giving us the tools we need to meet unexpected calamities head-on.

Despite circumstances that would have many angry or depressed, these personal examples reveal that gaining maturity over life experiences allows us to strive for happiness, security, and acceptance.

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Al Morris is a university graduate in Engineering, who worked primarily as an independent consultant, but chose to live a life of many careers. He has spent a lifetime trying to learn and understand himself, in the hope of understanding others around him. Al Morris has persevered in the face of significant obstacles to stand up for what is right and, in the process, has become a true example of successful advocacy, whether medical or legal.


Al Morris

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