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Self-help, Guilt, Freedom from guilt, Inspirational, Self-reflection, Personal growth, Dreams and goals

Obligated No More
A journey to a guilt free life by Kristine Conway

Are you putting in countless hours at work? Are you a single parent? Have you ever woke up and wondered where the last twenty years went? Ever asked yourself, “how the hell did I end up here?”

In Obligated No More, Kristine will show you how to make mindful choices with your time, resources, and talents to create the life you want, not the one you feel you are “stuck” with.

Obligated No More was written so that you can:

• Stop feeling guilty & Start living your life

• Give less & Get more

• Put you first & Enjoy better results

• Leverage your past & Create your future

• Get out of your own way & Align to your purpose

Obligated No More will help you create self-awareness through the use of practical exercises – the ones that Kristine uses herself on her journey to a guilt free life. If you are sick of the status quo and are ready for a change, this is most definitely the book for you.

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Kristine grew up in a very small town with very small dreams. She was married at twenty-one, a mom by twenty-six, and divorced by twenty-nine. The day her daughter was born, Kristine quickly realized the life she was living was not the life she wanted to model for her daughter.

Full of determination, Kristine went back to college, earned two bachelor degrees, divorced, and moved hundreds of miles from her “support” system to make a better life. On her journey Kristine went from putting a vacuum cleaner on layaway at Wal-Mart to paying cash for European vacations by making tough choices and not looking back.

With an MS in Management and Administrative Sciences and a concentration in Organization Behavior and Executive Coaching from the University of Texas in Dallas, as well as certification from the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach, Kristine stands apart from others in her field. She is also President of Effective Focus, Inc. ( a personal development and change management organization that helps clients take the leap from knowing, to doing.

Effectiveness Coach Kristine Conway gets you; she’s been down that same road.


Kristine Conway

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