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Farm Animals, Home, Family, Nonfiction, Memoir, Farm Life, Short Stories

Chronicles of the Glen
Childhood Anecdotes at Poplar Glen Farms
by Keith Erwin Brower

Growing up in the middle of the last century, where the Parkland meets the Great Plains in Western Canada, did present its challenges but also furnished its rewards. The simplicity of life, the activities undertaken out of necessity, the sense of human strength against nature are all recorded in this series of short stories about a young boy raised in this era prior to him reaching school age. For the young amongst us it gives one a chance to understand how things were without any “screens”, indoor plumbing or running water and what activities filled our lives. For others it will bring back very familiar memories of your own by-gone days.

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Being raised on the vast expanse of Eastern Alberta has shaped the author’s interest of nature, history and fascination of how society has changed. Spurred on by his 4 children and grandchildren to begin to the write down stories that they had heard many times on road trips or at bed time, the idea of this book took form. His interests still include nature, history, painting and drawing, in fact he loves life in general. The author lives with his wife Aileen on the family farm, the very farm where most of these stories took place.


Keith Erwin Brower

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