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self help, facilitating communication, personal growth, communication skills, body language, reading between the lines, hearing and listening

She said it with her eyes He heard it in her smile
by Paula Olmstead

DO YOU find yourself sometimes wondering why others tell you that you don’t listen?

DO YOU find yourself being told that while you seemed to be listening, you are making completely misguided comments or asking questions making it clear you haven’t heard a word they have said?

HAVE YOU heard the phrases “That’s not what I meant! Are you listening to me? Why do I talk to you?”

Be reassured and know that you are not alone. Listening effectively and beyond the spoken words is a key skill that we would all benefit from doing even better than we do now. This book is a practical guide for people wanting to improve their listening skills, which will improve all their relationships, from family to work and back.

Imagine a world where we all listen beyond the words that are being said and truly understand what the speaker wants us to know.

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PAULA OLMSTEAD grew up in the newspaper industry where she learned to listen to the experienced reporters, editors and leaders. She then further developed her skills through her work in other areas of private industry including off-price and high-end retail, chemical production and sales and tire manufacturing, sales and service. In addition, she experienced government through her work within two municipalities. She has worked with a number of boards in not-for-profit organizations. This experience has provided Paula with global-wide exposure and skill development. Paula is the President of Prairie Dolphin Consulting Inc. where she provides coaching and consulting to senior leaders.


Paula Olmstead

What People are Saying

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