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Affirmations of the Soul
Recovery is About Uncovering the Real You
by Meaghan Elizabeth Worthey

Affirmations of the Soul is a loving journey expressed through positive messages and Meaghan’s artwork and poetry. This book was made small and portable in hopes that you can take it with you in your purse, leave it at the office, put it in the glove compartment of your car or have it with you on travels. This book is a tangible, handy, hearty tool against bad days, negative thoughts and anxiety. Affirmations of the Soul was inspired to always send your soul nourishment of strength, courage and love.

“Meaghan’s personal journey is an undeniably powerful and moving one. From the deep relentless pain of years of self-destruction, to the triumphant recognition of the ultimate healing one attains through the love of self. It is by way of the depths of Meaghan’s creative expressiveness that she rediscovers the incredible gift of her own spirit. Her illustrations, poetry, and poignant affirmations are likened to the healing tools of a revered shaman. Through her unshakable creative drive, Meaghan discovers the ultimate love of life through the love of self. A true inspiration for all those kindred spirits seeking their own way home...”

Dr. Bonnie Levitsky

Clinical Psychologist

“Meaghan Worthey, Author of her very first book, Affirmations of the Soul: Recovery is About Uncovering the Real You, is an uplifting and inspirational young woman who has expressed in art and poetry of her journey of self-growth with a defined focus on living an emotionally uncluttered life. While this is Meaghan’s journey, you will find through her artwork, poetry and highly inspirational affirmations keys you can apply to your own life. Meaghan takes you on a road from black & white to colored images as a beautiful metaphor of the very spirit of recovery.”

Ted Rogers

Publishing Consultant

Meaghan Elizabeth Worthey photo

Meaghan Elizabeth Worthey is an excited first time Author and Illustrator born and raised in Burbank, California. Meaghan studied Child Development at Pierce College and received her certifications. Meaghan has a great love for imagination and creativity which she actively expresses in “Affirmations of the Soul”. She promotes a positive fight against perfectionism and is a strong advocate for recovery of all avenues of life. Meaghan’s biggest artistic inspirations come from musical legends Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Her artwork reflects love through psychedelic and abstract images.


Meaghan Elizabeth Worthey

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