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Self-Help, Spiritual healing, Inspirational, Memoir, Mental Illness, Suicide, Addiction

Madness, Addiction & Love
by Lilly White

“Sometimes a grave is not for bodies. It can be for the soul. The tomb of our fate. That forbidding fateful soul contract. For most of my life I have had weighty concerns & fears of living in madness, addiction & love. I either had too much or not enough of all three. I’d hear, ‘I love you’, then be beaten within a second for my next breath. I was on pins and needles constantly. Survival became a daily prayer. By 13, I was on booze, by 36, I was on my knees begging to a higher power to help me end it all. The day is Oct 7th, 1991. I have no idea how that prayer is going to be answered. I am about to find out what real madness is, learn about addiction and find love through letting go and finally in death. You are about to take a wild journey with me. Hang on, you will laugh out loud, hold your breath, allow tears to flow. You will come to know that no matter what life throws at us, we are all whole, holy.”

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Lilly has always believed in something bigger than herself. Highly intuitive, she left a successful career in marketing to help others deepen their connection to Spirit. In 2006 after years of deep study she opened up a retreat. In 2012 her daughter took her life, as did her brother in 2000 and Lilly became more aware of Mental illness and its effects on those who are ill and all who surround them. She decided it was time to come out and open up to the discussion of this inflection and how spirit, the spirit of who we are can help us heal. She regularly leads retreats to Bali. Lilly and her Husband of over forty years, John, live in Almonte, Canada.


Lilly White

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