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non-fiction, nursing, mental health, memoir, health care, secondary traumatic stress, PTSD

Side Effects
A Journey Through Secondary Traumatic Stress
by D.B. Wright

Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) is a trauma that can occur in anyone who witnesses the suffering of others or helps another through a traumatic experience. Those at risk include health care providers, first responders, people in journalism, law, teaching, correctional services, animal health care and those caring for loved ones at home, among others. STS can profoundly impact both your professional and personal life. Dismissing the symptoms only make matters worse. But STS does not need to be a life sentence. Overcoming traumatic stress is possible and can even be transformational as this heart-warming and sometimes humorous memoir suggests.

This book provides information about STS, its symptoms and treatment, as well as ways to help prevent it.

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Dorothy Wright earned an RN diploma from Centennial College in Scarborough, Ontario and a BScN from the University of Ottawa. She nursed for twenty-two years in a variety of positions in large urban hospitals, smaller rural hospitals and within the community, in southern Ontario and Manitoba. Her articles and stories have been published in RN Journal, Cup of Comfort for Nurses, Fifty Plus and Cottage. She lives with her family in Springfield, Manitoba.


D.B. Wright

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