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  • 104 pages
  • Premium Color
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
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  • 978-1-5255-0322-1 eBook
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  • 978-1-5255-0320-7 Hardcover

Animal Fiction, Fantasy, Unexpected adventure, Friendship, Villain, Flight, Finding a way home

Escape from Cat City
Pepper's Incredible Adventure by M. Mammonek

When a puppy named Pepper goes to an outdoor celebration with Kathy, his favourite little girl, he has no idea that it will be the beginning of an incredible adventure. An amazing and unexpected balloon ride carries him away into the clouds, and he comes down smack dab in the middle of Cat City, where puppies, and dogs in general, are definitely not welcome.

Pepper quickly finds a new and sympathetic friend and companion in a street-wise kitten named Cinnamon. To find Pepper’s way back home, the young pair will have to face danger and overcome obstacles that they never imagined.

Currently living in Saskatoon with her husband, Jacek, her best friend and biggest supporter, M. Mammonek has a BFA degree from the University of Regina, studied art at the University of Pretoria, and studied Architectural Design and the History of Architecture at Gdansk Technical University. Even so, she refuses to grow up, embracing her inner-child and enjoying children’s stories and movies, as well as a nice cup of cocoa on long winter nights.

Mammonek has written many stories for her daughter, who loved being read to, especially when she was sick in the hospital. The stories about Pepper and Cinnamon were her favourite. After her daughter passed away, she decided to publish those stories to honour her memory.

Escape from Cat City is only the first of a series of books, featuring the adventures of Cinnamon and Pepper.


M. Mammonek

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