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Immigrant experience, coming of age, memoir, sexual assault, alcoholism, rural life, entrepreneur

A Separate Branch
An Untold True Story of the Writer's Life
by Lillian Driessens-Fleming

What people say about you is a reflection on them and not on you.

Sometimes broken roads lead to the best destinations. Having no verbal support from the family I was born into left me alone and lost for many years.

There may be many obstacles, but we end up where we are supposed to be. In my case, I endured heartaches, disappointments, loss, betrayals, abuse, being ostracized for wanting a better life for my children, being criticized for fighting for women to speak out against having no voice in the past, and being told I am the kind of woman who deserves a beating. Also, for fighting against the injustice against all ages and groups.

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My life is a journey that had many pitfalls. There is a destination at the end of the road, where love prevailed, my children flourished so strongly, community members took up my banner to help the less fortunate. God nudged me in the direction I was supposed to go with my life. My journey was very difficult, but I thank God for who I have become.

No matter what, at least once in your lifetime, someone will hurt you. That person will take all that you are and rip it into pieces and will not even watch where the pieces land. Even though they break you down, you will learn you are stronger, and no matter how hard they try to destroy you, you can conquer anything.

The best one to speak is the one who walked the road. Finding comfort in these words proves that a rough road in life can leave a person stronger and standing tall, able to appreciate the next day. Therefore, we should all count our blessings, big or small.

We are born into a family believing: this is your family. However, as time goes by, you find out you do not belong. You become a separate branch, with no family support, having to survive on your own, where failure is not an option.

I am at peace, hoping I have made my section of the world a better place.


Lillian Driessens-Fleming
Louise Bayer

What People are Saying

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