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fiction, family and relationships, romance, Jewish, WWII, grief, faith

A Season Of Mists
by Myrna Brown

This personal story of a couple's long time love relationship captures their thoughts and feelings in a history that stretches over 30 years. It includes their correspondence of several years and contrasts with today's communication which is often electronic and brief. The setting on the Oregon coast is almost another character as it lends itself to nurture and strengthen their love. A theme throughout is the importance of family and how secrets may affect its solidarity and cohesiveness. Should they be revealed or should the common good of the family take precedence? Explore the minds and hearts of two people who don't want love to be a myth. Their language is rich, the emotions are stirring and the provocation to love well is strong.

Myrna Brown began writing at age 70. This is her second novel written a year after her first: Of Unseen Things Above. She was born in south west Washington where her father ranched on the tideland of the Columbia River. Many of the characters' experiences relate back to the Northwest as well as to a time she spent living in West Africa. She was the editor and part of a team of Air Force personnel at the Pentagon who wrote the annual report to Congress. Later, at 50, she was graduated from George Mason University with a BS in nursing. After being a floor nurse in a major hospital, she became a hospice nurse. Only after her husband's retirement and their move to Wilmington, NC did she begin to write.


Myrna Brown

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