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Dreams, Emotional Health, Health and Wellbeing, Positive Thoughts, Positive Energy, Family, Diet and Nutrition.

Finding the Energy to Chase YOUR Dream
by Randy S. Rohrick

FIYT stands for Fuel In Your Tank

Refuse To Be Average.

TV has carved a generation of people satisfied with vicarious living through characters seen on a screen. How boring and unimaginative is that? What a tragedy. What a waste. What if you became more afraid of missing out than making mistakes? What if you began to chase your dreams with renewed energy and passion? What if every morning became a new beginning to an adventure instead of the drudgery of making it through another day? about overcoming depression! Imagine living above the line of mediocrity and finally overcoming an excuse filled existence. Get off your assets and invest in your God-given life! It’s just time to chase down your dreams!!

FIYT CLUB is dedicated to assisting people find ways to fuel their energy tanks as they dream chase. FIYT CLUB, the book, is designed to be a catalyst to help you enjoy rather than endure the road ahead. It provides practical ways to become a part of FIYT CLUB. Have fun reading! Have fun living!! Have fun chasing your dreams!!! FIYT CLUB is also an organization designed to come along side those who want to DISCOVER energy enabling tips, SHARE what they have learned with others and CONNECT with dream chasers from all walks of life. For more information visit

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Randy Rohrick is a dream chaser. His life purpose is to make the most of his God given life. Besides his love for hockey, dogs, classic rock, traveling, shopping, dining out, writing, and hanging out with friends and family, Randy has attained his motorcycle license. His newest love is riding his Harley Davidson around the winding roads of his home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He lives near Victoria with his wife, Cheryl, where he provides soul care to a great group of people at Westshore Alliance Church.


Randy S. Rohrick

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