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Moral, Fable, Children's, Tale, Learning/Teaching, Wordplay, Grade School

by Jacqueline Scheer

Don’t play with matches! Don’t be a bully! Don’t steal! Mind your manners!

I recall when I was about twelve years old and my little sister and I were told to go to bed. Of course, we were never tired at bedtime, so it was highly entertaining to conjure up stories out of my head to either scare her so bad that she couldn’t go to sleep, or make her laugh until she cried. She loved those bedtime stories, so I wrote this book of short stories to give to my grandchildren. Stories that would not only make them laugh, but could possibly be used as a tool to teach them right from wrong and how to stay out of trouble.

At a very young age, children tend to be extremely trusting and vulnerable and unfortunately the world is not the safe place they think it is. “Look before you leap,” my father always said. I imagine that particular saying is still used today. Hopefully the stories in this book will encourage youngsters to think about what they do before they do it.

Welcome to Sticksville.


Jacqueline Scheer
Adrienne Sturm

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