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meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism, micro-psi of matter, Core Intelligence, Best-Version-Safeguard, Clairvoyant recollection

How Mindfulness Meditation Works
A Modern Buddhist View
by Ronald Cowen and Jasmine Cowen

The front cover is the visualization for a meditation designed to recall the Bodhiccitta of infancy. Some Buddhists believe infants are born enlightened. Imagine there suddenly appears a glowing ember in your heart that glows stronger as you breath in and turns into a fountain of love that flows throughout your body as you breath out. Meditate for 30 Minutes. Allow the meditation to close gently.

This book is about the psychology of Buddhist mindfulness meditation.

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Ronald Cowen has practiced mindfulness meditation for 50 years under the direction of the late Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche.


Ronald Cowen
Jasmine Cowen

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