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Religion, Spirituality, Personal Growth, Transformation, Adventure, Mysticism, Memoir

Stairway to a Dream
A journey from blunders to wisdom by Alexander Markitanov

The book Stairway To A Dream by Alexander Markitanov could help many people to find confidence, spiritual strength, and wisdom. The philosophy in this book will expand your consciousness and open the curtain on the situations which, at the first sight, might look hopeless. The main character in this book works on his weaknesses, so he learns how to control his emotions, thoughts, words, and actions to become stronger.

If you are feeling that your life does not go the way you want, if you are tired being a victim of circumstances, and if you want to be a leader - this book might reveal a secret and you will see the way out of your troubles. The book you are about to read could be a guide on how to improve all aspects of your life. It is easy to read because the author does not use big words, esoteric terms, or a teaching tone. Instead, you will travel with him and analyze, think, and draw conclusions by yourself.

Enjoy reading!

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Alexander Markitanov is a psychologist, life coach, and a writer. He discovered a unique method of how effectively avoid different problems we encounter in life. The main areas of his work are psychology of health and psychology of relationships.

At the age of 30, Alexander Markitanov got hurt in a motorcycle accident. Doctors sentenced him to a life in a wheelchair, but he overturned this verdict. He started to look for a way out of his trauma by seeking ancient knowledge of self-healing methods from different sources. He worked hard and eventually cured himself. It was the beginning of his study of Eastern medicine and self-healing methods. He went to India, Tibet, and China where he studied healing systems based on Ayuverdic practices, yoga, and Tibetan teachings.

When Alexander Markitanov achieved a level of mastery, he became a teacher of the Institute of Human Self-Healing. He left his job and found his calling in spreading the knowledge he acquired. Alexander founded the School of Expansion of Consciousness and Vesta School of Women's Wisdom to promote healthy lifestyle and happiness. These days, Alexander Markitanov conducts various trainings in Russia, Ukraine, and Canada.

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