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Spirituality, meditation, inspiration, motivation, religion, self-help, authentic living

Moments That Blink Back
Tips and Triggers for Joyful Purpose by Augusta

When we listen, life is speaking constantly, profoundly, and intelligently in its every detail. Becoming aware, feeling beyond the coffee cup, tree or the morning light develops a new set of lens, transforming routine habit into joy-filled meaning. These moments wink at us, beckon us to open our hearts – dare us to respond in kind. And when we do, we discover a moment full of love, a feast of insight and a new consciousness for the neighbour and the pansy.

What are the “how to’s” for living well with joyful purpose? What sparks our spirituality? And what will bring us home before the sun goes down? This collection of writings is about taking the dare and winking back.

Once again you have taken me to another time and space and sense of awareness. Perhaps, I have said more than a few times “Things are just things.” Now I am looking at things differently. Your writing lets me see the inside of me… ~ MJ

Fabulous! Just lovely – no words come to me to describe the beauty behind the writings except that the soul found its ways to the surface of your being and was expressed for all of us who read, then to participate in.... Thank you. ~ JJ

Your writing so often hits me in a spot that I am battling myself against myself. In order to stay resonating, I have to listen with my ear to the ground for that hoof beat … These so hit home with me. I want you to know when I put something out to the Universe and wait for an Answer -- it often comes from you and your writings. ~ MG

I have just spent the last hour filled with delight and inspiration as I read your writings of the past few months. Wow! Wonderful! I am so delighted you have (put) your writing voice out into the world! Thank you for sharing your work/heart/spirit. It is, as always, a call to the deeper story… ~ JM

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Augusta is a contributing writer to Contemporary Literary Horizons, a multicultural magazine of culture and spirituality which is published in several languages. This author also has several decades of experience in adult education, national conference planning, workshop leadership and personal counseling. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Education and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies. She is also a portrait and landscape artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Tucson, Arizona. In addition, four children, two grandchildren and close friends grace her life.



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