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Family Relationships, Autobiography, Family, History, Mennonite family, Heartbreak, breast cancer

Over the Sunset Mountain
A Life Of Joy And Faith by Viola Schmidt

Born into a Mennonite farm-family in 1937, Alvina Rosie Bergman was the adored baby, cared for by her parents and her three older sisters. She loved God and she loved to help others, and when she grew up she found a way to do that in her nursing profession and as a devoted wife to her husband Dick and her sons David and Conrad. Her life, as beautifully recounted here by her older sister Viola and in interesting testimonials from family and friends, was tragically short but rich in love, faith, and service. Over the Sunset Mountain: A Life of Joy and Faith is more than just a tribute to a beloved sister; the passages on growing up in a prairie Mennonite family are an ode to a vanished way of life that would be interesting to anyone, whether related to the family or not. Time, place, and strong family ties are clearly evoked with color, warmth, and humor, and are further deepened by family history that extends through dramatic events in the lives of ancestors. Photographs which tell the family story from another vantage point entirely, have richly enhanced the text. A great gift to present to future generations of the Bergman family, Over the Sunset Mountain: A Life of Joy and Faith is also a folk history and an ode to a vanished way of life on the prairies.

Viola (Bergman) Schmidt is one of Alvina’s three older sisters. How the pioneers lived and survived has always intrigued her, especially the lives of her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. In 2000, Viola and her late husband Alfred created a pictorial book of their family life and all their wanderings as Mennonite missionaries; The Alfred and Viola Schmidt Family - A Golden Anniversary Pictorial History. In 2001 they also created a pictorial history of Alfred's parents’ family, which included eleven children; The Peter David and Tina Schmidt Family - A Pictorial History. Viola lives in beautiful Tsawwassen, a suburb of Vancouver, with three of her four children nearby.


Viola Schmidt

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