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Awareness, Business, Communication, Marketing, Personal development, Presentations, Public speaking

Creating Big Presence in Presentations
A Guide for Presentations
by Wayne Keinick

Even though most people have never heard of Glossophobia, almost all of us have experienced it―at least to some degree. Fear of public speaking is something most of us have suffered from at some point in our lives, and many of us never get past it. This explains why so many books have been written to help us cope with the crippling anxiety giving presentations can inspire. But what about not only delivering, but being fully present at the front of the room, while countless eyes look to you for information and leadership, and actually performing well?

Visualizing a naked audience and repeatedly practising your speech from start to finish can only take you so far. That's where Creating Big Presence in Presentations comes in. Building upon the foundation of long-standing and accepted public-speaking wisdom, Wayne Keinick takes an in-depth look at the twin concepts of purpose and presence, adapting mindfulness in such a way so as to help presenters be fully aware within the parameters of a presentation situation, and enable them to adjust and adapt without missing a beat or panicking if things start to go off-script.

Keinick’s simple explanations and adoptable methods will quickly have the most mediocre public speakers creating real bonds with their audience, and capturing their attention from beginning to end.

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For most of his adult life, Wayne Keinick―a self-confessed “ranter” and “tech-guy” ―has been communicating complex and detailed topics, distilled down to their essentials, on a wide variety of forums. In his professional career, he has developed, prepared, and delivered several hundred presentations. He's done turns as a wedding MC, toaster, and even a roaster from time to time. And if he has learned anything from these experiences, it is just how crucial good and present communication is to human interaction, be it one on one or by a single speaker addressing a large and potentially resentful audience.

An avid snowboarder, skier, surfer, and student of kung fu, Wayne lives with his two sons in Calgary, Alberta, which he considers to be one surf break short of being perfect. He strives to be fully present in all his pursuits, and is passionate in encouraging those around him to do the same.



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