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The Mighty Oak Of The Forest cover

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  • 24 pages
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  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Tree, forest, acorn, lost in the woods, little girl, Amy, animals

The Mighty Oak Of The Forest
by David Gaerberson

In the back woods a small family of two girls and mom and dad are working their farm in pioneer days. Our older girl is dads big girl and our small girl is mom's little girl but loves all the animals of the valley and forest.

Our little girl gets lost and makes a wish for the Mighty Oak Of The Forest will some how save her.

Pioneer days were a challenge for young families trying to make their living. Every day adventures happen.

Our author David Garberson is a Grandpa now and is using his retirement years to take all the many stories he has written and told to this three girls when they were small to make the fun and the many adventures he has enjoyed telling over the years.

Sitting around the campfire at youth camps and his family camping trips encouraged these many stories. Trying to encourage children's imagination and parents trying to do the same is what I encourage in my writing.


David Gaerberson

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