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The Dolly That Lost Her Socks
by David Garberson

Developing a child's imagination and creativity is what I as an author try to do in my writing. I always attempted to do that with my three girls over the years starting at a very young age. I hope parents that read this book to preview it and read to their young child see that developed with them. I hope parents encourage their children to do just that in their every day life when they seek friends and play times. As they grow older my impression is those characteristics will grow with them into teen years and adult years.

Our Author read stories and wrote stories to his thee daughters over the years always encouraging their use of their imagination by using his. David has also written stories for children at outdoor camps for camp fires with the YMCA many years ago. David has some published stories, including his first book with Freisen Press in 2015.

Those who have read my other published book Uncle Wib's Farm have found the adventure, fun, and in some chapters a few mysteries to keep readers and listeners attention, which is the very of our author's goal with each story.

My real life stories as well as my imaginary life stories have always been centered around my children and the children in my work with various ages at outdoor camps, church work camps, Sunday School Classes, and my professional work with youth groups with the National YMCA programing.

I wrote many a story over the years but until I got to be Grandpa age my time just didn't provide me the opportunity to do authoring as I am now. Seeing the next generation now called Grandchildren has moved me forward with joy and happiness to share with them and all youth.


David Garberson

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