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Turning fifty, Aging, Humor, Marital relations, Family life, Losing weight, Memoir

Being 50 is a Lot of Work
by Joseph Amler

Turning 50 ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Heck, it’s a lot of work! Your wife sees through all your excuses to get out of housework, and your kids have moved from bedtime stories to jokes about your bald spot. Sports aren’t nearly as fun when you’re huffing up a storm, and it looks like you’re gonna have to give up on that dream of playing in the Masters at Augusta. This deal’s no good at all!

Being 50 is a Lot of Work covers all the aches and moans in a straight shootin’, no hogwash look at what it really means to hit the half-century mark — in all its pudgy glory.

Joseph Amler is a happily married father of two, and a proud owner of a well-used Lazyboy. Despite the best efforts of his favorite sports teams to bring down his morale, he’s an avid sports fan and enjoys playing hockey in the winter and golfing with his buddies in the summer.


Joseph Amler

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