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Faith, Cancer, Family, Religion, Visions, Biography, Numerology

23 Years, 23 Minutes, 13 Angels
The Veil Between Spirit and Reality
by Katherine (Kate) Hyland

We live simultaneously on three planes of existence—physical, mental, and spiritual, yet skeptics limit rational explanations of the paranormal to our bodily senses. The Western world seems to ignore the supernatural—while keeping it to the confines of fiction, literature, games, and movies.

We all dream, but what if your dreams seemed different? What if these dreams had the attributes of visions—giving you clarity and messages, and you immediately knew their meaning in your life? What if they were premonitions to prepare you for a terrible event to come, such as death? And what if some dreams enlightened you with knowledge and gave you hope for the future, even when you were battling cancer?

In 23 Years, 23 Minutes, 13 Angels, the author takes readers on her miraculous life journey—from a simple era, surrounded by loving grandparents, spanning a decade to where understanding goes beyond logic and reason. Call them what you will—visions, dreams, or even Divine Intervention. When the fragility of life revealed itself, numerology, visions, and spirituality guided her through challenging times of illness, loss, and healing.

Slow your world down and maintain a conscious appreciation for the meaning of life. Discover The Veil between Spirit and Reality and what makes a “Thin place”—and unearth what you may perceive as coincidences into truth where you can experience a spiritual breakthrough!

Katherine Hyland lives in London, Canada, high on a hill, where she can see for miles. She is an award-winning photographer, wife, mother, world traveller, and truth-seeker, who began documenting her experiences after the death of her beloved father in 2013. A personal glimpse into the spiritual world has taught this cancer survivor that life and love are God’s greatest gifts to us.


Katherine (Kate) Hyland

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