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Relationships, Life and death, Abuse, Friendships, Love and marriage, Dysfunctional, Victim Services

Poetic Web
Guts for the Glory
by Deborah Stewart

Poetic Web: Guts for the Glory is a poetic journey through life’s ups and downs, with writing that is bold and honest with a touch of humor. In the world of Poetic Web: Guts for the Glory, sorrows whisper in the wind, restless hearts find unbelievable strength to carry on and a new day awakens to the sweet scent of clover. The real world is not always whimsical. We live our lives entangled in a web and find that life is a musical ride until our last whisper.

“Ride out of the web. Heaven’s road is paved.”

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Deborah Stewart began writing poetry as a young woman, capturing ideas through imagination, friends, family, and the world around her as poetic representations.


Deborah Stewart

What People are Saying

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