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Mid-life, Marriage, Losing a baby, Postpartum Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Newfoundland, Iowa

Drowning in Iowa
by Gordon Self

Spending a year in Iowa was meant to revitalize their marriage, but when tragedy strikes their family, Jane Roberts and Aaron Scott come face to face with their own vulnerabilities and questions of midlife. As physicians, they are trained to help others in times of crisis, but nothing could prepare them for losing a child. Now they must learn to rediscover themselves and one another as they embark on a parallel journey of healing.

Drowning in Iowa is a poignant look at how trauma can shake a family to its very roots. From the rugged shores of Newfoundland to the picturesque lands of the American Midwest, it is a story of heartbreak, fidelity, introspection, and hope.

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Gordon Self is a senior health care executive providing ethical reflection and leadership on issues impacting vulnerable communities. He has written about the enduring stigma of depression and mental illness, including the disenfranchised grief related to pregnancy loss. He lives in Edmonton with his wife, and they have three adult daughters. Drowning in Iowa is his second novel. His first, The Necessities of Life, was published in 2014.


Gordon Self
Robin Phillips
Jon Popowich

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