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  • The Game


    This traditional-style murder mystery takes place in the unlikely setting of a hospital where an innocuous game, which medical staff play to hone their professional skills, provides the stimulus for murder. When Katlin’s long-time friend dies ...

  • It's About Luke


    “Mom, if there was a car accident, who would you save first?” *** Luke Poole is an ordinary boy struggling between the everyday normal and the fringe world of David, his older, severely disabled ...

  • The Incident


    John Paul Bennett is a happy man. His first and only marriage is strong. His teenage son and daughter have no major issues. He is a respected senior negotiator for the U.S. State Department. And, after a quick trip to Paris he’s looking forward to ...

  • The Heart's Hard Turning


    This is the story of Will Rawlins, a gifted physician and scientist derailed by his passion for an enigmatic young woman who wields her sensuality as a weapon. Damaged and directionless, he drifts southward into Mexico, where he is forced to flee ...

  • Looking for Daisy


    Sixty-two-year-old Marguerite has just had her second breast cancer diagnosis following a routine mammogram—and this time she will have to undergo a full mastectomy. Scared and discouraged, she keeps the news to herself so she doesn’t spoil an ...

  • The Phrenologist


    Professor Phineas Crowne was born in Toronto Canadawith a peculiar purple protrusion on his forehead. This curious anomaly sometimes impedes and sometimes accelerates Phineas' emotional and physical development and his navigation through the stages ...

  • An Individual's Innocence

    The Silent Screams by

    From a tough life, Charles tells the story of abuse and bad choices to Tammy, his counsellor. Returning back to see Tammy three years later after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Charles has changed his attitude towards her and his life. With all ...

  • Drowning in Iowa


    Spending a year in Iowa was meant to revitalize their marriage, but when tragedy strikes their family, Jane Roberts and Aaron Scott come face to face with their own vulnerabilities and questions of midlife. As physicians, they are trained to help ...

  • Bruises


    Dr. Frances Robertson is confident, beautiful, single, independent and going on 40. When family circumstances beyond her control force her to temporarily suspend her career and her great lifestyle in Vancouver, to return to her childhood home in ...