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Poetry, Karma, Death, Life, Reflections, Love, Religion

by Bassett

Sometimes life seems unfair but all things

Are relevant, it all happens for a reason...

Also in my quest I have found that most of

The world have been controlled and manipulated

By religious and dogma tied together with the

Monitory system and corrupt elected officials

Giving false hope and lies to the masses for

So long that it is more difficult for people to find

Good orderly direction!! In the process, people

Have been desensitized to the truth and what

Is proper conduct and cower under force of the

Few that control the money, blindly ignoring the

Fact we are slaves in the best plantation on

Earth, ignoring the fact that the old fashioned

Fossil fuel energy system and mining of the

Planet of all at any cost is bringing us to

Devastation and the only way to stop is to

Move to inner peace, meditating and receiving

Positive creativity and resonating in

Compassionate observation of the miracle

Returning to a peaceful coexistence of the

Forces in a simpler way of living with all

Levels of being and harvesting the lesson

Learned in this barbaric evolution of so

Called modern man and properly use the

Technologies and science to repair heal

And develop this part of the universe we

Find ourselves in. That you really are, one

In the same with the source and all things in it

Namaste we are all one.



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