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Christian values, Love, Marriage, Friendship, Family, Loyalty, Overcoming obstacles

Blaze of Fury
Mountains and Valleys of Life by Risel Buhler

Austin and Jan, would never have believed that their paths would cross again, let alone the hope of rekindling their love for each other, and even the possibility of a future together.

Only their past now disrupted their future, when Austin’s parents told him the secret that Jan had tried to tell him. After Austin’s friend Ted, got the true story from Jan, he set Austin straight on that rumour, but the damage was already done. While Austin stressed over his and Jan’s breakup and the possibility of losing his ranch, a man from their past, decided he could now claim Jan as his wife. It was Ted not Austin, that went to rescue Jan from her suitor.

Later when a real catastrophe struck, could it be the death of Austin or Jan or possibly both of them?

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Risel grew up on a farm in central Alberta. Farming and than trucking was a big part of Risel and her husband's life.

They moved with their children to Peace River, in Northern Alberta, where one way or another, trucking was still part of their life. Later Risel and her husband moved to Southern Alberta, and that was when Risel's husband encouraged her to explore her passion to write a book.

Then in a twist of events, they ended up moving into the same area that Risel had grown up in. Shortly after, her husband passed away. Through troubles and trials Risel's faith in God carried her through.


Risel Buhler

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