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Coffee, Coffee Shops, Coffee Culture, Inspirational Journey, Personal Recovery and Growth, Cafés Around the World, History of Coffee

One Cup at a Time
Finding Coffee, Love, and Happiness
by Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille

Is there anything that can match the pure pleasure of sitting at a café watching life go by? Assuming you have a cup of coffee in hand, that is! Coffee, that lovely elixir of life, has provided stimulation, solace, and socialization around the world for centuries.

Part coffee-lover’s diary, part travelogue, always engaging, informative and insightful, One Cup at a Time is the tale of a woman’s quest for love and happiness...and coffee.

When work brought Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille to London, England, travel delivered new cultural adventures and life supplied plenty of ups and downs. Coffee became her therapy and a way of discovering herself: a sort of kick-starting, uplifting antidote to regrets. She has scouted out the best coffee shops, met fellow coffee aficionados, researched myth, fact, and fiction, participated in ancient coffee rituals, tasted the most expensive coffee in the world, and travelled to Marrakesh and beyond in search of the best coffee experiences, always sharing her love of coffee with others. She found her greatest pleasure in sitting at a coffee shop, savouring the taste and observing others—watching life go by, one cup at a time.

Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille (pronounced bell-fay) worked in the field of addictions for more than twenty-five years. Coffee gave her an outlet from all the craziness. She has travelled the world, living, working, meeting interesting people, and learning about coffee — and herself — along the way. She always wanted a big ol’ house by the water where her three boys could live or visit for extended stays. Now she lives in Cornwall, Ontario, with her youngest son, Jesse, and his dog, Bella. Son Jonathan and his girlfriend, Melanie, along with grandson Ashton are walking distance away. Jason lives in Kitchener, Ontario, with his girlfriend Cheri and her son Andrew. Time to put the coffee on!


Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille

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