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Young adult fiction, social themes, coming of age, self-esteem, values, hope, human purpose

The History Teacher 2.0
Awakening Our Innate Lovability, Worthiness, Adequacy and Empowerment by Fred Phillips

In this sequel to The History Teacher, John Stevens takes on a more complex assignment, directing a group of exceptionally troubled and challenging students. His plan is to help them overcome their demons by teaching them how to feel good about themselves. In so doing, he must overcome many obstacles and unknown forces that could subvert his idealistic intentions. The History Teacher 2.0 is a captivating story of acceptance, trust and faith in oneself and the flow of life. It will leave you cheering for the underdog and wanting to create a more loving and compassionate society!

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Fred Phillips is author of The History Teacher and former martial arts instructor, having owned and operated Georgina Family Martial Arts in Georgina, Ontario, Canada for 20 years. He created the Nagado martial arts program, a style that emphasizes self defense, while teaching students how to feel good about themselves. He is also a blogger, posting articles on a variety of topics including spirituality, self esteem and his journey with Parkinson’s.


Fred Phillips

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