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RCMP, policing, law enforcement, professional development, music therapy, lifelong learning, self-help

Esprit De Corpse
Life lessons from a Community of Law Enforcement
by Thomas Caverly

Esprit De Corpse is a book for everyone. Policing sets the stage to show how to deal with life’s day to day challenges. Easily meant for those looking to be successful in law enforcement but more. It gives proper attention/respect to our friends and family who feel the effects of policing and gives insight in how to survive together. Anyone looking to improve in all areas of their life, at their profession, in the boardroom or at home can learn from this book.

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Tom Caverly, at an early age, was determined to become a member of the RCMP, Canada’s national police force and spent 27 years living his dream. His accolades include receiving service awards, a Queen’s Silver Jubilee medal and a Commanding Officer's Commendation for his investigative abilities. Now retired, he shares his experiences and knowledge giving back to the police community. Through stories of his service in remote northern communities, duties as a street cop and a plainclothes detective working in renown units such as the Lower Mainland's homicide team (IHIT) he provides insight into the ups and downs of law enforcement. His career is very much akin to Tom Cochrane’s song "Life is a Highway" and he has truly seen "Vancouver's lights". He believes that policing should be viewed as a practice and he spreads this philosophy, helping to create a community of law enforcement.


Thomas Caverly

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