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Vietnam War, US Army, Vietnamese Villagers, Military , Murder Mystery, Jungle, Theology

Facts and Fabrications (A Mongrel Mixture of Stories)
by Paul Kennedy Mueller

Ancient giants in a desolate land; a mysterious death in Academe; an ambush in a spooky glade; and surprising moral conundrums: facts and fabrications weave together unforgettably in this charming “mongrel mixture” of tales.

Paul Kennedy Mueller is the author of “The Pandemonium Bar & Grill (and Other Stories),” “Pretty Bad Stories (An Unfortunate Collection of Troublesome Tales),” “Mostly True Tales (and Otherwise Preposterous Accounts),” “Accounts of No Consequence (and Other Insignificant Fiction),” “The Satisfaction of Revenge and Other Poems,” and other works of fiction, journalism, and poetry. An Army brat and Vietnam veteran, he works as a senior public information officer for the University of California at San Diego.


Paul Kennedy Mueller

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