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  • Six Days of Impossible

    Navy SEAL Hell Week - A Doctor Looks Back by

    Hell Week has never been described so effectively. Six days in Hell define every SEAL that moves past the point of no return in their minds. Robert Adams, MD brings the experiences of his classmates into view with real, difficult to believe ...

  • Unfortunate Sons

    The Beginning of Marine Corps Tanks In The Vietnam War and how I survived Vietnam as a marine tanker by

    Unfortunate Sons is a compelling story It will draw you into Joe Tyson's world as a young Marine Tanker, full of fun and enthusiasm. You will share the daily routines of patrols and combat situations as if you were right there with him. You will ...

  • Sons of the Greatest Generation

    Snapshots and Memories of Vietnam, October 1967 to October 1968 by

    Like thousands of young men before and after him, in 1967 at just nineteen years old, Ron Copeland was drafted into the US Army, trained as an infantry soldier, and shipped off to Vietnam. He spent the next year of his life immersed in the fear, ...

  • With The Dragon's Children


    David Garms’s With the Dragon’s Children is the first-hand account of interactions with Vietcong who responded to the South Vietnamese government’s amnesty program. The narrative, packed with information about Vietnamese attitudes, aspirations, and ...

  • Facts and Fabrications (A Mongrel Mixture of Stories)


    Ancient giants in a desolate land; a mysterious death in Academe; an ambush in a spooky glade; and surprising moral conundrums: facts and fabrications weave together unforgettably in this charming “mongrel mixture” of tales.

  • Loss of Innocence

    A History of Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in Vietnam by

    This book is above all, history. For the first time an author has covered the actions of a single Marine company in Vietnam and their 5+ year deployment. The content of Loss of Innocence is the result of 15 years of official document research, taped ...