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Environmental economics, Equality, New economy, Paradigm shift, People before profit, Role of markets in society, Sustainability

Capitalism Is Fallen
A Guide to Economic Principles for Success
by Elwin Kettner

Over the centuries economies have risen and fallen. In modern times, capitalism has delivered great advances, has great potential but now the system is failing. There is growing inequality, the middle class is disappearing and poverty continues. Government spending increases while interest rates have been manipulated to an all-time low in an attempt to stimulate the economy, which seems to move from one crisis to another. There is much confusion as to the reason for capitalism’s failings. Using easy to understand language, the author demonstrates that the reason for capitalism’s failure is, not its inherent nature, but that basic economic principles are being broken. The book makes a significant contribution to the debate that is taking place about the future of our society and is a must read for those who believe in and strive for a more humane world. It serves to educate and challenge readers on the enormous challenges that face us.

Elwin Kettner holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Economics. His Post Graduate Studies are in the fields of Monetary Theory and Agricultural Economics. He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Financial Management Advisor, and has taught postsecondary courses in economics and financial planning. His other interests include agriculture, motorcycles, classic cars, and flying. He lives with his wife in Manitoba. They have two adult sons.


Elwin Kettner

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