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  • Suckerpunched

    A woman's experiences as a log scaler by

    A true account of a woman’s cherished career in forestry is graphically recalled from journals, photos and original artwork. The memoir is an account of her day-to-day log scaling duties. Her fundamental beliefs that companies would protect and ...

  • Capitalism Is Fallen

    A Guide to Economic Principles for Success by

    Over the centuries economies have risen and fallen. In modern times, capitalism has delivered great advances, has great potential but now the system is failing. There is growing inequality, the middle class is disappearing and poverty continues. ...

  • Red Pines on the Ridge


    Red Pines on the Ridge is the first in the On the Ridge series. Foxes on the Ridge and Aspens on the Ridge will follow in the near future. The book is the story of a red pine tree that lives on a low ridge in southeastern Manitoba. The tree tells ...

  • Foxes on the Ridge


    On a a ridge in southeastern Manitoba, a litter of pups marks the beginning of a new life cycle for the species. The story that follows is told by one of the pups as if it were a human. From “the world outside the den being scary but wonderful” to ...