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Memoir, Domestic Abuse, Family Dysfunction, Crime, Coming of Age, Family and Relationships, Grief

Bleeding Hearts
by Scott Hay

Looking forward to an unexpected afternoon off, a cheerful, eighteen-year-old Scott Hay comes home early to find his mother frantic because his father is missing. Beginning with that moment, Scott’s world undergoes such a violent alteration that it will take him years to regain his footing. As events swirl chaotically around him, he’s astonished to discover that he’s become one of two suspects in his father’s disappearance…and what he learns next will forever alter his perception of the meaning of love. A dark, revelatory, and ultimately inspiring chronicle of deeply buried secrets, family dysfunction, abuse, and murder. Bleeding Hearts will challenge everything you think you know about familial relationships.

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Raised on an Alberta farm, author Scott Hay survived the dramatic events recounted in Bleeding Hearts and went on to become a successful welder and inspector for the oil and gas industry. A passion and curiosity for different people and cultures has sent Scott to most parts of the world, including China, many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Scott enjoys speaking of his experiences abroad and is a huge promoter of world travel. Bleeding Hearts is his first book.


Scott Hay

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