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Devoted dog, Man’s best friend saves the day, Friendship with a dog, Tibetan Terrier, Faithful companion, Playful pup, Fluffy canine full of tricks

Tashi The Good Luck Pup
by Susanne Roderick

Join Tashi as she embarks on an incredible journey from her home in an ancient Tibetan monastery to the picturesque countryside in England.

Along the way, Tashi’s carefree adventure suddenly takes a dramatic turn when an accident leaves two young children in danger. Their safety depends on a risky rescue, and Tashi can not save them without help.

A lyrical narrative and richly detailed paintings bring Tashi’s heartwarming story to life. Inspired by a timeless Tibetan legend, this delightful tale charms young readers and dog lovers alike.

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Susanne Roderick’s love of tail-waggers and books began as a young military child. During many moves around Europe and across the United States, a little brown Dachshund and countless storybooks were her faithful companions. Susanne’s lifetime experience as a registered nurse has heartened the sentiment that sometimes a good luck charm becomes a touchstone of promise. In her seasoned maturity, she adopted a Tibetan Terrier puppy who has charmed her life in the most improbable of ways and inspired this story. Susanne makes her home in a small New England town and a colorful seaside village in Florida. She lives with her husband, who relentlessly encouraged this story, and their real life Good Luck Pup.


Susanne Roderick
Philip Angus MacKenzie, Jr.

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