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Short Stories, Nature, Imagination, Adventure, Philosophy, Spiritual, Travel

Bottomless Dreams
by Ryan Power

Bottomless Dreams is a fearlessly inventive story collection—a philosophical tapestry woven with imagination, wit, and guts. Each story presents a unique world, wildly different from the last. The stories range from the fantastic to the gritty, travelling through the past, present, and future. The writing is fierce yet playful, full of hooks and twists, and always riding the edge. The characters, flawed and human, navigate moments in their lives that alter them forever: an arctic explorer forced to choose between his life and the lives of his crewmates, a boy forced to confront a woman he believes is a witch, a brilliant street musician who grapples with addiction, a couple competing to conceive in an overpopulated future. The stories range in form from flash fiction to novella, and are set in backdrops that span not only the earth, but also the universe. This collection breaks rules, pushes limits, defies genres, spits in the face of social convention, peels away the limiting concepts that inundate our daily life, and dropkicks us down the path of liberation. It is a book that marks our time, but speaks beyond it. It is a book about love, imagination, and the power of the human spirit.

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Ryan Power is a storytelling samurai, wielding a pen like a sword and cutting to the heart. For over a decade he has traveled the world—a pupil of life, gaining the experience that fills these pages: living with yogis in India, with Rastafarians in Africa, trekking the Himalayas, teaching English in Taiwan, and surfing throughout Central America, Indonesia, Morocco, California, and Canada. As a multi-instrumentalist he has played in various bands, playing at beach parties and bars around the globe. He has partied at some of the world’s top festivals, danced naked, laughed until he cried, cried until he laughed, made love in the rain—loved, lost, risen, fallen, and risen again. He has planted over one million trees, surfed next to sharks, stared down a bear, eaten a tarantula, flipped a truck and trailer at 100 Km/h, woken up hung-over in unknown places, danced until his feet bled, broken 7 bones, lost 30 pounds to Dengue Fever, spoken to God, and made peace with the Devil. For work he crew bosses a posse of some of the world’s most rugged yet powerful tree-planters. He is an eternal student of the human condition, and holds a BA in creative writing from Vancouver Island University.


Ryan Power
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