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Self Help, Personal Growth, Soul Coach, Finding Purpose, Empowerment, Shamanism, Source Energy

A String of Pearls
One Woman's Search for Truth
by Patti Tucker

If you have ever asked yourself, “Who am I? Why am I here? WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?” then this book can help you find answers. Patti Tucker writes with the wisdom of ages and the guidance of spiritual companions as she brings us a book filled with enlightenment, counsel, instruction, and pure love for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Soul, Self, and Source Energy. Patti’s story is powerful, recounting a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, love found and lost and found again, deep emotional pain, and the emergence of an illuminated spiritual path.

Patti shares the valuable pearls of wisdom that she has gained in her beautiful journey as she helps you toward revealing your own inner strength and ancient knowledge. A reader who is on the path to his or her own enlightenment will find this book to be encouraging, guiding, gratifying, and a gentle, feather-light push in the right direction to finding their own way.

“Over the last decade I’ve watched first hand as Patti has generously made it her mission to help people from all walks of life enlarge their hearts and elevate their souls. Her work reminds us that we are all on a divine journey to make the lives of all people better.”

Michael Jorgensen – Emmy Award-Winning Producer

A visionary, Patti Tucker took a life-altering change of course when she gave up a prestigious job as Film Commissioner to fulfill her true calling, that of helping others find their Soul. Patti now shares her spiritual coaching with those seeking their own answers, and this appointment of soul coach has allowed her to finally answer what makes her happy. Born, raised, and residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Patti offers healing ceremonies, workshops, soul retreats, and motivational speaking, putting forward her pearls of wisdom for all to share.


Patti Tucker
Benita Baker

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