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Forbidden to Love
Pure Hearts Crushed under the Law of Celibacy
by Louise Ouellet

Forbidden to Love is a true story of a woman who, after barely escaping from a violent relationship with the father of her twins, is newly married with a man that helped her make that escape but—he is dying of AIDS. She ends up with her little family in this huge metropolis with no English-language skills. One day, on her way to her new church, she meets a Catholic priest. They fall in love. After her husband's death, they become closer as she begins to grasp the reality of her dream to be with him. But once his superiors catch wind of it, they put him under very harsh restrictions—and brush her aside, with no care of how she is coping, while single-mindedly determined to keep them apart. The "scandal," had to be kept quiet. She would go through many years of hardships and persecution from some of the priests and parishioners of that church. Will she end up with the love of her life?

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Louise Ouellet is a French-Canadian, proud mother of a son and daughter twins, homemaker and author. She grew up in the beautiful Peninsula called Gaspe in Quebec, Canada.

She moved to a big metropolis where she encountered the love of her life—a Catholic priest. After going through a long journey of emotional battle with the clergy, she decided to bring forth something positive out of this traumatic experience by writing her memoir. Even if she is no longer a member of the Catholic Church, she wishes that her testimony will give support and comfort to all the other women and priests that are involved romantically. Also she wishes to educate, inform and bring awareness on the reality of what women and priests are experiencing behind their heart-wrenching and stigmatized relationships.


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