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Dragon sword, Elves, Fairies, Fairy Princess, Kingdoms, Magic, Strong female protagonist

The Dragon Sword
The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 3 by Cynthia A Sears

The Elves have Landed!

Several ships carrying elves from some distant land have anchored off the coast of Seaside Castle giving the Elnaran elves the opportunity to finally discover where they originally came from and how they ended up in Elnara centuries ago. But why have the elves risked crossing treacherous waters full of blue dragons to come to the fairy kingdom? They claim to be in search of an ancient sword whose power is the key to bringing peace to their war torn kingdom.

Princess Elizabeth and Lord Edric agree to help them, but matters become complicated when they learn that their guests are at war with a human kingdom that has ties to Elnara’s neighbor, the Kingdom of Kellmorgen. Elizabeth and Edric must proceed with caution as they travel Elnara assisting the visitors with their quest, while they attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the Dragon Sword.

About the Author

Cynthia A Sears lives in West Springfield, Massachusetts with her husband Kevin, who can fix anything, and her daughter Elizabeth, who makes every day special. She enjoys hiking, music, dancing, badminton, and living in New England. Her family motto is, “If it’s plaid, it can’t be bad.”


Cynthia A Sears

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