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Autobiography, Saudi Arabia, Family, Scotland, Travel, WWII, Disability

The "Talipes" Effect
by Jim Currie

In 1997, a baby girl named Kelly was born in Sarnia, Ontario with two club feet. While still a baby, she went to the Montreal Shriner’s Hospital for twenty-three visits in eight months to surgically correct her condition. By the time she was six, she was running around freely.

Her Scottish grandfather had been born in 1938 with a left club foot. Knowing what his granddaughter faced through many medical procedures at a very young age, he collected together his writings about his life from early childhood through to a long and successful career and many international travels.

Told with love and humour, Balkymor follows the author through his childhood in Scotland during World War II, his youth, falling in love, marrying and moving them to Canada with no job prospects, little money and as much optimism as they could muster.

Balkymor is a heart-warming memoir of humour, strength, courage and faith in the face of pain, and a rapidly-changing world. It is about overcoming adversity with determination and resolve. It is also a story of love, family and adventure that will have you cheering for the Currie family.

Jim Currie was born in Bo’ness a small town just west of Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been married to the love of his life Doreen for over fifty-five years. Together, they have three children and four grandchildren. Now retired to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, they enjoy walking, exercising, reading, listening to music and visiting with friends.


Jim Currie

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