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Cree, Native Canadian, Traditional storytelling, Elder wisdom, First nations, Stories of creation, Quebec

Paths and Journeys
An original collection of short stories from the heart and soul of Eeyou Istchee, Cree Homeland by Christopher Herodier Snowboy

Like the light and the darkness of life, we all walk on both sides many times, taking our steps carefully and sometimes foolishly, where things may happen, either good, bad or both. I have walked in light and in darkness, and with those people who sometimes corrupted or enriched me. Nevertheless, they made me into the human being I am today. My Elder friends and teachers of times past have shared with me their great knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes I get hit with a thought, a revelation, into what they taught me while they were still in my life. I sometimes cry tears of happiness knowing in my heart that they taught me well, and have helped me to become a teacher like they once were to me. Life is a great mystery, but it evolves around you. You choose where to go, and sometimes find what you seek. Other times, it is not at all what you were expecting. The stories within this book are exciting, sad, mysterious, maddening, and may touch you right to the core of your heart and soul. Live with me for a little while and let’s journey into the life of the ancestors and those who may have accompanied them.

"Chris’s stories are magical, for they are a spiritual voyage into the sacred Cree lands of his ancestors.

We see, and learn if we don’t know already, that everything is alive and has a soul around us: birds, trees, stones, clouds. As First Nation's teach, grandparents and grandchildren are close on the circle of life, parents are on the other side.

I was lucky enough to live in Chris’s village, Chisasibi, in 1976-77, and saw first-hand young boys hunting birds with sling shots. This trained them for later years, when they would hunt geese to provide food for their families. Just as the words in this book take my soul and mind to a special Cree dimension of life on Earth Mother’s sacred body, I hope that many others will also discover Chris’s deeply moving works of art, and each of their lives will be deeply enriched by what they discover in his works." - Paul Tagney (published amazon e-book author)

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Christopher Herodier Snowboy was born on the island of Fort George, at the mouth of the mighty Chisasibi River, or La Grande, as they call it today in Quebec. He was placed in a residential school in the 1960s and later became an avid reader. Reading became a way to cope with abuses encountered at the school, and gave rise to this collection of short stories. He is a musician, poet, scriptwriter, journalist, singer/songwriter, storyteller, teacher, audio engineer, and a student of life. Chris has survived the darkness, and the light to become.


Christopher Herodier Snowboy
Michael Bernards
Nathan Beaudry Sr

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