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    • Dinosaurs,
    • Dancing,
    • Children,
    • Paleontology,
    • Fossils,
    • Humour,
    • Science

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When Dinosaurs go Dancing
by Judy Cook

When Dinosaurs go Dancing has everything to delight three to eight year old palaeontologists-from fossils to foxtrot. Where else can you tango with triceratops, minuet with pachycephalosaurus, and then bow to apatosaurus before tap dancing across tectonic plates? Here’s the place to dance with dinosaurs while learning how to pronounce their names! You’ll dig up new facts, then pirouette to the next page to learn about exciting fossil finds throughout history. Art and Science elegantly dance together in this fanciful picture book which is sure to inspire many a classroom discussion or bedtime conversation- AND...if you like to sing while you practice your dino dance moves you can download the song at

“Dinosaurs and the exploration of their footprints on our world continues to be a source of fascination with children of all ages. 'When Dinosaurs Go Dancing', Judy Cook’s first book, takes our curiosity to another dimension. The concept of these awesome creatures doing a Waltz or a Tango is simply delightful. Equally delightful illustrations makes this a must-have book for your children’s library. “ - Fred Penner "This book is funny and educational, plus the terrific artwork amplifies the humour. What more could you ask for... Oh wait I know... it has DANCING DINOSAURS!” Al Simmons (Entertainer) "Scientists have long puzzled over fossilized dinosaur foot prints. What do they tell us? With a wink and a click of her tap shoes, author Judy Cook provides an answer, one that is as fun as it is informative. Cook's story is brought to life by illustrator Sonia Nadeau, whose whimsical renderings both amuse and captivate. Never has learning felt so much like play. When Dinosaurs Go Dancing is a delight from start to finish." Edwin Dobb, co-author, with Jack Horner, of Dinosaur Lives: Unearthing an Evolutionary Saga. In Cook’s debut, the first in a planned series called Listen to the Bones, dinosaurs waltz, tango, and shuffle. Instead of running from predators or migrating across lands, they time-step, double pirouette, and bunny hop. … There are facts about fossil collections around the world and famous paleontologists as well as other lessons for young readers: the book tells of the young 18th-century fossil collector Mary Anning and points out that “Earth is the only home we have, so let’s take care of it!” Nadeau’s illustrations, which include a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex in a pink tutu, are colorful, clever treats, and the whimsical, sometimes-diagonal typesetting is also a lot of fun. The rhyming prose in the book’s first half is simple, exuberant, and suitable for toddlers and early grade schoolers alike. Kirkus Review

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JUDY COOK is a dance graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and makes her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been actively educating children through the arts for over thirty years. Following a career as a professional dancer, she currently conducts workshops in schools through the Manitoba Artists in the Schools program as well as Artspeak, an innovative arts program for youth that integrates visual art, storytelling, writing, music, mime and dance. Judy has written and performed her original songs and stories in venues across Canada and the United States. In her creative work she guides children to build self-confidence through dance, and through collaboration with staff, students, and other artists, she brings joyful play to arts education. She has a wealth of experience in schools as a facilitator and conducts programs that include art as being integral to a well-balanced education. When Dinosaurs go Dancing has proven to be wildly successful with children, parents, and teachers in numerous workshops and concert presentations. It is the author’s vision that this will be the first book in a series called Listen to the Bones.


Judy Cook
Sonia Nadeau

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