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Time management, Project management, Priorities, Productivity, Goals, Center-focused life, “Work-life balance” fallacy

The Center Circle Approach
5 Steps to the Fulfilling Life that Work-Life Balance Cannot Provide
by Esi A. Dawson and Paulinus C. Okoye

Why pursue balance, trying to please everyone, giving a little to everything, and suffer the constant stress of trying to do it all? Think about it, when a newly married man says he needs more work-life balance, what he is truly saying is he needs to spend more time at home...even if it means less time at work. A woman who is seeking a promotion at work tends to find more fulfillment when she spends more time at work, even if it means less time at home for that time period.

As Alain de Botton, a Swiss-British writer and television presenter so eloquently put it – “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”

This is what The Center Circle Approach is about. It provides a refreshingly simple, yet profound new take on the subject of living a fulfilled life. It equips you to ditch the concept of a “balanced life” for that of a “centered life”, one that may seem unbalanced but is centered on your key priorities.

I now know why I stopped reading books on work-life balance. I was waiting for The Center Circle Approach!

Joe H., Entrepreneur

Thanks to The Center Circle Approach, I can confidently say I am living a fulfilled life.

Tiffany L., Business Consultant

What I love is how simple yet revolutionary The Center Circle Approach is. I’m a changed man!

Eddie A., Gynaecologist

Esi A. Dawson, a sought-after management consultant, is an expert in change management strategies and programs for organizations and individuals undergoing significant change. Having lived in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, she brings a wealth of experience that speaks to what living a fulfilled life means for busy, high-achieving professionals. Esi holds to the conviction that fulfillment can be achieved by every individual, and she is passionate about applying the principles of the Center Circle Approach to transform lives.

Paulinus C. Okoye has worked for two of the world’s largest consulting firms. As a world-renowned consultant, he has led major business transformation projects in a number of Fortune 500 organizations, working in every continent except for Antarctica. Until recently, his work schedule required days without sleep and a grueling travel itinerary. Applying the principles of The Center Circle Approach, he’s made a tough but necessary decision to retire from the corporate consulting world. He now runs a small consulting service—one that allows him to spend more time with his family.


Esi A. Dawson
Paulinus C. Okoye

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