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Surviving divorce, self-help, mindfulness, spirituality, relationships, inspirational, surrender and acceptance

A Digital Journey to Ultimate Love and Happiness
by Craig Shoemaker

Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s deeply sorrowful message strikes a chord in Craig and he writes her back and offers to share some of his own hard-won wisdom on how to handle the dissolution of a marriage. But Craig’s troubles with his ex-wife are far from over and he comes to need Leah’s insights and support as much as she needs his. What evolves is a unique spiritual journey and an extraordinary friendship, conducted entirely through Facebook private-messaging. Through their correspondence, Leah and Craig struggle together through life’s storms and eventually triumph over them, transcending into fully realized lives enriched by mindfulness, acceptance, and grace. Oftentimes painful, frequently funny, and always emotionally riveting, Lovemaster’d is a page-turner that imparts priceless lessons on spiritual awakening, in dramatic, can’t-put-it-down style.

It is our wish that this book gives hope to the hopeless and inspiration to the uninspired. After all, every storm eventually comes to an end... some even end with rainbows. - Craig Shoemaker

The story is your story. As it effortlessly and irresistibly unfolds, your life will become the miracle, it was meant to be.

– Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“From his comedic performances of the Love Master to Barney Fife you can tell Craig Shoemaker has an ear, but you also get the sense that the man listens. After reading this book you get just how well LoveMaster’d is a beautiful read!”

– Whoopi Goldberg

Academy award winning actress

“Humorous and heart-wrenching, this is an epic sweep through the intense emotional, interpersonal, and legal odyssey of marital dissolution...”

- Dr. Drew

American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and radio & television personality

I couldn’t put it down. Sharing their stories with such generosity and humanity, the book is wonderfully cathartic...”

– Jeanie Buss, President/Co-Owner

Los Angeles Lakers. Author of “Laker Girl.”

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Craig Shoemaker has a Doctorate in Humane Letters from California University of Pennsylvania and has studied at The Agape Spiritual Center and Institute in Los Angeles, where he met his wife, Mika. As a comedian, he is best known for his character The Love Master and he has won numerous awards, including Comedian of the Year at the American Comedy Awards on ABC and two NATAS Emmys. His first Comedy Central Show was voted by viewers as one of the Top Twenty specials of all time and his ninety-minute special Daditude premiered on Showtime in 2013. He hosts a weekly podcast/webcast at about combining personal wellness and healing laughter.


Craig Shoemaker

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